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Zesti Cola

Zesti Cola is a popular brand of soft drink that is featured frequently in DC comics. Rivaled only by Soder Cola in popularity, Zesti is the soft drink of choice for boy wonders like Tim Drake and Dick Grayson and is a fixture of comics written by Chuck Dixon (beginning with a billboard in 1992's DETECTIVE COMICS #645-646).

History: In 1872, Eli Branchwater discovered the Well of Addad in an African emirate called Karocco and used its addictive waters and Santa Priscan cola nuts as the prime ingredients in what would soon become one of the world’s most popular soft drinks – Zesti Cola. Branchwater has gone to great lengths to protect the elements of Zesti’s formula, hiring Galiant to overthrow Santa Prisca’s government in order to regain access to its cola nuts and employing the Collector in an attempt to keep the Well of Addad’s secret. After the reservoir was destroyed during a fire fight involving the group Psyba-Rats, sales on Zesti went into a downturn and the Branchwater descendant in charge of the company began seeking a substitute for the Addad well water.

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