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Name: Zero
Identity Status: Public
Aliases: Unknown
Nationality: White American
Maritual Status: Single
Occupation: Unknown
Last Known Residence:
Not much is known about the teenage boy called 'Zero'.
A resident of Bludhaven's Fort Joseph district, he bares a graffiti symbol on his arms that re-occur throughout the district's inflistructure. It is unknown wether this symbol is his own and he is responsible for graffitying the district's buildings or if he is part of a gang of which the symbol is their logo.
When Cassandra Cain arrived in Bludhaven her safe-house was graffitied with his symbol and so seemed well within his 'territory'. Throughout her residency Zero had taken to watching her as she entered and left the house, this did not go unnoticed by her but she seemed to treat it as a kind of game. Stalking aside the two truly met during a party where the two danced beside each other in the mosh pit.
When Cassandra had to leave on a quest to find her mother she spent some final hours with Zero, resulting in the two kissing before she left. The relationship was not to be however as Bludhaven would be destroyed soon after by the Society of Evil dropping Chemo upon the city. Zero was one of the civilian casualties.


- Andersen Gabrych, Ale Garza

First Appearance:
- Batgirl #60


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