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Issue: World War 3 #2
Subtitle: The Valiant
Date: June 2007
Feature Characters: Martian Manhunter
Supporting Characters: Supergirl (Kara Zor el), Harvey Dent, Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), Doom Patrol, Donna Troy, Aquaman (Orion)
Villains: Killer Croc, Deathstroke, Black Adam
Guest Appearances: Captain Marvel, Booster Gold, Teen Titans, Powergirl, Amanda Waller, Aquagirl
Other Characters: N/A

As Black Adam’s trail of destruction continues and Earth’s heroes begin marshalling to confront him, the Martian Manhunter attempts to regain his mind and work out why he fought to protect this planet when it constantly sought to destroy itself.

"No matter how valiant the effort, how noble our intentions, we dance an endless cycle, saving mankind from itself, showing them a better way. Time and again, they refuse to learn. They choose the easier path. Anger over reason. Hate over love. Death over life. Plotting. Scheming. Manipulating. Human nature at its most basic."
— Martian Manhunter

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Cover Art:


- Events occur and are extracted from the 52 event and comic book series
- Supergirl returns to Earth
- Sub Diego is returned to above sea-level
- Aquaman (Orion) loses the role of Aquaman


- Keith Champagne

- Andy Smith

Chronology:Full List
- 52 Week 11
- 52 Week 48
- World War 3 #1
- World War 3 #2
- World War 3 #4
- Birds of Prey #94
- Birds of Prey #97

- Sub Diego
- Gotham City
- Sydney
- Paris

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