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Owner: Wonder Woman (Diana Prince)
Designation: Headquarters
Affiliation: Amazons of Themyscira
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #140

The Wonderdome is a mobile fortress belonging to Wonder Woman. Originally the amazon's invisible jet, the jet attacked Wonder Woman and destroyed a portion of Gateway City after falling under the influence of the Greecian Titan, Oblivion.
Wishing to make up for its transgression, the jet reconfigured itself into a flying fortress to be used by Diana as a new base of operations in her bid to become more mobile and tend to various war hotspots around the world.

Possessing various rooms constructed with the purpose of serving Wonder Woman's various needs, the "dome" is equipped with offensive weaponry and can generate various shields for defensive purposes.

After realizing that she wasn't gaining any headway in her mission through her current actions, Wonder Woman abandoned the notion of a mobile fortress and instead opted to enter politics more openly; forming a ring of Themysciran Embassies around the world, with the Wonderdome reconfiguring itself to became her embassy in Washington, DC.

During the Imperiex war, the Wonderdome Embassy was evacuated and used to form a united starfighter force for the Amazons of Themyscira.
When the Queen of Fables attacked Wonder Woman, following her attack on Themyscira the Queen invaded the Wonderdome Embassy and converted it into her own castle in the clouds before her defeat.

While a part of the dome served as one of her embassies, another part of the dome aided the Themysciran Amazons in becoming the architecture for their new island, in addition to still serving as Wonder Woman's jet.
Following the island's destruction at the hands of Hera, the dome was gravely damaged but still served Wonder Woman in dissipating a 50ft tidal wave and further protecting her when she became caught under the wave's crushing water. The effort broke the dome's sentient form, however, and it effectively died; the only remnants being the jet and the embassy in Washington that was presumably decommissioned following the decommissioning of Themyscira House in New York City.

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