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Issue: Wonder Woman #174
Subtitle: The Witch & The Warrior part 1
Date: November 2001
Feature Characters: Wonder Woman (Diana Prince)
Supporting Characters: Female DC Superheroes and Villains
Villains: Circe, Silver Swan, Female DC Superheroes and Villains, Cheetah, Lex Luthor
Guest Appearances: Female DC superheroes and Villains, Superman, Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), Robin (Timothy Dake), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Martian Manhunter
Other Characters: Female DC superheroes and Villains

As the world recuperates from the Imperiex War the amazons of Themyscira mourn their home island that now lies in ruin. As Diana pleads to Artemis to return her dead mother Circe appears to challenge her yet again, this time having turned New York into a hunting ground for female villains to hunt captured male heroes; who have been transformed into helpless beasts. Wonder Woman raises to the challenge, calling out for all available female heroes to gather at Liberty Island and help her in the coming all-girl battle in New York.

"We all came together—millions of us, from all these different worlds. We came together and we saved the universe. But now we’re turning on each other like animals, like always."
— Green Lantern

Wonder Woman 174 1 - Wonder Woman 174 2 - Wonder Woman 174 3 - Wonder Woman 174 4

Cover Art:



Wonder Woman 174

- Phil Jimenez

- Andy Lanning

Chronology:Full List
- Harley Quinn #12
- Batgirl #19
- Batgirl #20
- Wonder Woman #174
- Wonder Woman #175
- Supergirl #63 Joker Last Laugh
- Batgirl #21 Joker Last Laugh

- New York City
- Themyscira
- Metropolis

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