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Name: Wilson Jeffers
Identity Status: N/A
Aliases: N/A
Nationality: American
Maritual Status: Single
Occupation: N/A
Last Known Residence:
Volunteering to be a lab rat for Dr Johns, Wilson Jeffers’ brain was chemically altered via pills to possess psychic powers. After learning of their plans for his brain he ran away. After his escape a five million dollar award was announced for his head. Found by Batgirl, in an effort to communicate with her, Wilson altered her mind to understand words. However this also altered her fighting style, hampering her ‘body reading’ ability to the point of ineffectuality. Unable to change her back the two were fortunately found by Batman and eventually through Batman’s and Batgirl’s combined actions Dr Johns was captured and the hit called off.

Wilson Jeffers

- Scott Peterson, Kelly Puckett, Damion Scott

First Appearance:
- Batgirl #4



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