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Wayne Foundation Building
Wayne Foundation

Owner: Wayne Enterprises
Designation: Residential
Affiliation: Civilian
First Appearance:
Batman #217

When Alfred Pennyworth was killed saving Batman and Robin, Bruce Wayne established the Alfred Foundation in his name, establishing this building as the foundation's headquarters. When Alfred turned up alive, however, Bruce changed the name to the Wayne Foundation in honor of his father, Thomas Wayne.
Notable for possessing a giant tree within its center, the building contains many offices of Wayne Enterprises and features a Carousel Restaurant on its roofs as well as a penthouse for Wayne himself.

With Dick Grayson off to college, Bruce Wayne decided to move his base of operations to the center of Gotham City. Living in the penthouse of the Wayne Foundation building, Batman moved the contents of the Batcave into a secret sub-basement which became his new headquarters; accessed via an elevator that travels down the center of the tree from the top floor penthouse.

Eventually the base and all of its equipment would move back to Wayne Manor, however, the cave below the building would be reused as the first headquarters for the Outsiders group following its formation. With the penthouse apartment being given to members Katana and Halo until Batman disavowed association with the team and they moved to Markovia to tend to the country's civil war.
The building and its history would later be altered and retconned following the Infinite Crisis.

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