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Wally and Linda's Apartment

Location: Keystone
Designation: Public Housing
Affiliation: Public/Flash
First Appeared In:
- The Flash #174

After the Stately West Manor was destroyed by Cicada (David Hersch) in an attempt to kill everyone associated with Wally West, Linda and Wally moved to an inner city apartment in the Silverport district of Keystone City.

When the Spectre (Hal Jordan) removed all knowledge of the Flash's identity on Earth, Wally West took up a job as nightshift mechanic for the police motorpool. As a result, while Linda went to university to study medicine in the day, Wally slept and went to work at night; as a result the pair rarely got time to spend together; straining their relationship.
After Wally rediscovered his identity and revealed it to Linda, Linda had to leave Keystone to come to terms with the revelation (as she had come to blame the Flash for the death of her unborn twins).

During the peak of the Infinite Crisis, Wally was on the verge of rejoining the Speed Force and raced to the apartment to say goodbye to Linda and their children. However, Linda refused to let him go and together they were teleported to Savoth.
Considered dead, Wally and Linda's apartment was resold.


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