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Wally West's Downtown District Apartment

Location: Keystone
Designation: Public Housing
Affiliation: Public/Flash
First Appeared In:
- The Flash #35

After surviving various attacks in New York city, Wally West moved to Keystone City in an attempt to escape. After his initial plan to live with Joan Garrick fell through, Wally co-rented an apartment within Keystone's Downtown district with Mason Trollbridge; who went to Keystone to find his estranged son, Denny, and give his daughter, Susie, space as he felt he was embarrassing her.

While Wally initially promised to help Mason start a small "Fix-it" business run from the apartment, Wally's frequent distraction with various adventures led to his neglecting his promise.
After being given a small fortune that was donated to "The Flash" as part of the Last Will and Testament of the supervillain Icicle (Joar Mahkent), Wally left the apartment and bought a house on the outskirts of Keystone City.



  • As with his other residences, Wally kept a Justice League teleporter at the apartment so that he could travel to the Justice League Europe embassies from Keystone.
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