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WKEY-TV Channel 4 News

WKEY-TV Channel 4 News is a television news station owned by Mr Stanton.

Broadcasting from Keystone City, Linda Park found employment with the station near the end of her tenor at Morning Talk.

As an investigative reporter for WKEY-TV, Linda gained numerous awards for her work; which included her coverage of the Kobra attack on Keystone and her inspiring report during the "Final Night" incident.

When Mayor Kingsley forced Wally West to operate outside of Keystone, Stanton joined other industrial leaders in "assisting" Kingsley's intentions by harassing Linda over her association with the hero.
Presumably due to this, by the time of the "Human Race" incident, Linda was instead working for KFMB Channel 4 News.



  • WKEY-TV Channel 4 News first appeared in Flash #85 (December, 1993).
  • Francine Becker is a friend of Linda's who left WKEY-TV for a job as producer of "Extreme Closeup: Mid-America's Hard-News Access" in Central City.
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