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Name: Vincent Enzo
Identity Status: Public
Nationality: White American
Maritual Status: N/A
Occupation: Hitman
Current Residence:
A minor character appearing in an animated television series about Gotham's No Man's Land featuring Batman. As a top lieutenant in the Saracini family Vincent Enzo is never seen without his "violin" case, he's rumored to have taken out four dozen rival mobsters. Somehow getting trapped in No Man's Land Enzo is on his way to Two Face's territory when he is ambushed by some Demonz. The Demonz request that he play a tune for them on his violin before they let him leave.

- Scott Peterson, Craig Rousseau

First Appearance:
- Batman No Man’s Land Secret Files and Origins #1

First Appearance with Cass Cain:
- Batman No Man’s Land Secret Files and Origins #1

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