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Name: Verraco
Nationality: Metahuman American
Maritual Status: N/A
Occupation: Biker
Last Known Residence:
- N/A
Verraco was a pig-like metahuman biker. He possessed meta-human strength and durability as well as an exceptional sense of smell. Able to track a person by their scent in similar fashion to a dog.
He met Cassandra Cain during her quest to find Lady Shiva, her mother. He defended her from the advances of his fellow bikers only to make advances on her himself although it seemed he only wanted to fight her.
Surprised and defeated by her he regains consciousness and uses his sense of smell to find her again in Detroit where she, in an attempt to get rid of him, fights him again. However this time their fight gains the attention of Brother Eye, who activates OMAC #2287 to neutralize the two of them. The OMAC captures Verraco easily however Cassandra escapes.
Verraco's current status is unknown.


- Andersen Gabrych, Andy Kuhn

First Appearance:
- Batgirl #66

First Appearance with Cass Cain:
- Batgirl #66

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