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Van Buren Bridge

The Van Buren "Keystone-Central" Bridge is a hybrid cable-stayed/suspension bridge and primary road artery that spans the Missouri river separating Keystone City and Central City.

While there are several smaller bridges that connect the cities, the Van Buren Bridge leads to both commercial centres and serves as a symbol of connection between the people of both populaces.

While the bridge was originally of typical 1800's architectural design, the bridge was destroyed when Blacksmith and her "Rogues Army" plundered the cities but were stopped by Goldface (Keith Kenyon) and Union 242, who leads the people of both cities against the villains. Driven to desperation, Blacksmith attempted to destroy the bridge and kill everyone on it; however, the Flash rebuilt the bridge as it fell into a new modern design.



  • The presence of the Van Buren Bridge; a large cable bridge that only led to empty grassland, is what set off Barry Allen's curiosity and ultimately led to the rediscovery of Keystone City.
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