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Unidentified Cargo Plane

Owner: Zinda Blake
Designation: Mobile Base of Operations
Affiliation: Birds of Prey
First Appearance:
Batgirl #67

This Unidentified Cargo Plane is a modified cargo plane used by the Birds of Prey as a mobile base of operations in the absence of the Aerie 1.

The plane features a below-cabin storage bay for vehicles as well as additional cabins and rooms for privacy. It could be assumed that this plane was used as the additional space allowed for additional equipment, both technological and medical, following Barbara's recovery from surgery following an attempt by Brainiac to transform her into an avatar for his purposes.


  • The plane possesses a hatch just above the cockpit that allows access to the outside. Black Canary can use this hatch and enable her to use her Canary Cry as part of the plane's offensive armaments.
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