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DC Super Heroes Ultimate Sticker Collection

Title: DC Super Heroes Ultimate Sticker Collection
Author: Alastair Dougall, Julia March
Release Date: 2006
Feature Protagonists: Bruce Wayne (Batman), Clark Kent (Superman), Diana (Wonder Woman)
Supporting Characters: Bat Family, Super Family, Wonder Family
Antagonists: N/A
Guest Appearances: N/A

Discover the world's greatest super heroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the JLA!

Learn about the super heroes' courageous lives as you meet their closest friends, best allies, and deadliest foes.

Easy-peel stickers can be used more than once.

Adapted From:
Superman Sticker Book, 2002
Batman Sticker Book, 2001
Wonder Woman The Ultimate Sticker Book, 2003
JLA Sticker Book, 2002
Batman The Ultimate Glow in the Dark Sticker Book, 2003


- John Kelly
- Nick Avery
- Sandra Perry
- Ron Stobbart

- 309 reusable full-color stickers

DK Publishing, Inc.

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