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Titans Tower (alternate)

Owner: City of San Francisco
Location: San Francisco Bay, California, United States of America
Designation: Headquarters
First Appearance:
- Teen Titans #17

In an alternate future where the Teen Titans, lead by Timothy Drake, take over the roles of their fallen mentors as the Titans.
The Titans Tower III becomes their base of operations from which they start to enact a country-wide eradication of crime. Unfortunately, the actions of turning the west coast into a militant state resulted in various rebellions which Drake had Raven stop by absorbing their hope and free will to pacify them.

The tower is similar to the one existent in the main timeline with a few modifications; the founders statue; located in the tower’s foyer, as been changed to feature Timothy Drake’s Teen Titans group instead of the Richard Grayson’s group.
The Memorial Hall has also become a Hall of Mentors; featuring statue personages of the mentors for each Titans member (Although Batman’s statue is destroyed).

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