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Owner: City of San Francisco
Location:San Francisco Bay, California, United States of America
Designation: Headquarters
Affiliation: Teen Titans
First Appeared In:
- Teen Titans #1 (2003)

The third to be created, this Titans Tower is a T-Shaped steel and glass structure located just off San Francisco Bay in San Francisco, California.
Built to act as headquarters and a place to retreat to for the third incarnation of Teen Titans, the Tower was designed and built by Cyborg (Victor Stone); patterned after the original Titans Tower. In exchange for performing various tasks, the city of San Francisco funded the tower's construction with the input of various people from Silicon Valley.
The tower also offered training facilities and educational seminars, looked over by the tower's senior residents.


- Sub-level: Robin (Timothy Drake) kept a secret bio-lab in an underground sub-basement where he attempted to re-clone Kon El following his death.
- Grounds: Starfire (Koriandr) keeps a garden of various Tamaranian flowers on the island grounds. Training areas and memorial statues of Superboy (Kon El) and Kid Flash (Bart Allen) were also featured here.
- Level 1: A statue of the five founders of the Teen Titans is featured within the foyer, the floor also includes a memorial hall
- Level 12: Contains recreational areas and kitchen. This floor required massive renovation after Kid Devil held a huge party in the Tower.
- Level 14: Residential hall and includes personal quarters and guest rooms.
- Level 15: This floor required reconstruction after an attack by the Terror Titans.
- Roof: Aircraft landing pad, open-air area.
- Other: The tower also possesses hangar facilities for the T-Jet and various computer and medical facilities. Indoor and outdoor pools are also featured.

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