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Titans East

Titans East is the name of several teams, usually operating from the east coast of the United States of America and affliliated in some way with the Teen Titans.

The first encountered team calling themselves "Titans East" appeared in an alternate future where the modern members of the Teen Titans had grown to take up their mentors' mantles following a crisis that killed off a vast majority of the hero community and became a more aggressive and extreme in their methods. While these Titans operated from the San Francisco Titans Tower, a group of former Titans rebelling against the Titans' rule over the Western United States began operating from the New York Titans Tower, naming themselves "Titans East".

The first modern-day incarnation appeared following the Infinite Crisis as a group of rogue youths led astray by Deathstroke.
Created specifically to challenge the Teen Titans in San Francisco, Deathstroke rebuilt the destroyed New York Titans Tower in his image all in a ploy to drive his own children, Ravager and Jericho, into staying with the Teen Titans. Following a confrontation with the Titans, Deathstroke disbanded the team once his goals were met.

Following the defeat of Deathstroke's Titans East, Cyborg rebuilt the New York-based tower into a compound and assembled a group of young heroes to train as a new, heroic, "Titans East."
However, during an early training mission they were attacked and the groups' members were either seriously injured or killed by Trigon's offspring.

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