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Thuggee Temple

Location: Gotham City
Designation: Temple
Affiliation: Thuggee Cult
First Appeared In:
- Batgirl #25 (2002)

The Thuggee Temple is a hidden temple built and tended by Thuggee practitioners in the worship of Lady Shiva.

Located in Gotham City the temple contained and trained elite martial art practitioners in Shiva's honor, on top of following Shiva's exploits around the world; collecting images of her various victories.
On the eave of her first duel with Cassandra Cain, Shiva chose the temple as the duel's location after ridding Cassandra of her death wish. With her desire to die removed, Cassandra bested Shiva in hand to hand combat.

Following Shiva's defeat and incarceration, agents of the Department of Extranormal Operations attempted to ascertain her assailant's identity, eventually ending the investigation at the temple when Cassandra herself appeared to tell the agents to leave.

Location Databank
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