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Group Name: The Submergists
Members: 10+ (Rahn, Sarah, Franko)
Last Known Residence:
- Gotham City, Submergist Building
The Submergists were an art movement that specialized in reminiscent german expressionism. Supported and represented by Angela Styles the group lived in a building titled 'Submergists' within the Gotham University district.
During the 'City of Light' incident the Gotham Historical Museum featured a few of the group's paintings and artworks. One such painting, named "The Gaze"; painted by Submergist artist Rahn, was sold for the price of $50,000 to Bruce Wayne.
The group's success was short lived however as, due to the actions of Purge, the group's building was destroyed. It is unknown wether the group has continued their art movement or gone their seperate ways since.
The group also owned a pet ginger cat, whom they co-raised and named "Shakespeare".


- The Pander Brothers, Mark Paniccia

First Appearance:
- Batman: City of Light #1

First Appearance with Cass Cain:
- Batman: City of Light #1

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