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The Society Tower

Owner: Unknown
Designation: Headquarters
Affiliation: Secret Society of Supervillains
First Appearance:

The Society Tower is a Secret Society of Supervillains base of operations located in Gotham City.

A multi-story tower protected by magic and psionic wards, the Calculator recides within the top floors from which he uses his computer network to govern and control the Society's actions on behest of Lex Luthor during the Infinite Crisis.

Following the Final Crisis, Gorilla Grodd tried to restart the Society before Cheetah (herself influenced by Ares) assumed leadership and used the Society's resources to create the monster "Genocide" to kill Wonder Woman.
After Cheetah used Genocide to capture and torture Etta Candy, Wonder Woman invaded and destroyed the tower in her quest to save her friend.

Location Databank
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