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Issue: The Network #1
Subtitle: The Network
Date: July 2009
Feature Characters: Oracle (Barbara Gordon), Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)
Supporting Characters: Misfit (Charlotte Gage-Radcliff), Manhunter (Katherine Spencer), Ragman (Rory Regan)
Villains: Imposter Batmen, Hugo Strange, Derek Deuce, Dustin Deuce
Guest Appearances: Catwoman (Selina Kyle), Batman (Jason Todd), Batman (Timothy Drake), Black Canary (Dinah Lance), Wildcat (Ted Grant), Knight (Cyril Sheldrake), Squire (Beryl Hutchinson), Lady Blackhawk (Zinda Blake), Man-Bat (Robert Langstrom), Spoiler (Stephanie Brown), El Gaucho, Grace Choi, Nightwing (Richard Grayson), Mr Freeze (Victor Frieze)
Other Characters: Black Spider (Johnny LaMonica), Doctor Phosphorus (Alex Sartorius), Gretchen Walstead, Miguel Vazquez, Claire Herndon

While certain members of the Network deal with Jason Todd and the mantle of Batman other members continue maintaining control of the chaos in Gotham. When Hugo Strange issues a challenge to the new Batman to rescue three hostages, all the while placing bets over which one he’d save, Oracle intercepts the challenge and sends agents of the Network instead.

"There is no try. Do or do not."
— Cassandra Cain

The Network 1 - The Network 2 - The Network 3 - The Network 4

Cover Art:

Batman Battle for the Cowl The Network1

The Network

- Fabian Nicieza

- Don Kramer
- J. Calafiore

Chronology:Full List
- Final Crisis #3
- Batman #683
- Battle for the Cowl #1
- The Network #1
- Battle for the Cowl #2
- Battle for the Cowl #3
- Batgirl #1

- Gotham City
~ Deuces Wild Casino
- Neon Knights

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