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The Narrows

The Narrows is a densely populated, decaying and dilapidated neighborhood in Gotham City. Like several neighborhoods in similar state within the city, The Narrows is rife with crime, gangs and drug trade and as such is often "Ground Zero" when incidents within the Gotham Underground (such as gang wars and power vacuums) occur.

Following the Flashpoint incident, the neighborhood became part of Bruce Wayne's announced plan to restore and rebuild Gotham City for the future. Dubbed the "Phillip Kane Memorial Projects", various buildings were demolished and rebuilt.
During the Batman Eternal incident, the area became targeted by the Mad Hatter; infecting the residents with advanced nanobytes to enslave them.


  • The location first appeared in the movie Batman Begins (2005) and has since been adopted into comic book continuity.
  • The neighborhood is home to Bluebird (Harper Row) and her brother. Their apartment (one of the many newly rebuilt buildings of the Phillip Kane Memorial Projects) has often been used as a safe-house by the Bat Family to temporarily keep people like Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) safe from hunters in the city. After the Batman Eternal incident, Stephanie Brown became a new tenant in the apartment.
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