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The Hill

The Hill is a city district located in the north-western quadrant of Gotham City.

Considered to be one of the most notorious sections of Gotham City, particularly in regards to black race-crimes, The Hill is at the low end of the economic spectrum and is the farthest residential section from Gotham Cathedral Square. Intentionally isolated from the rest of Gotham, the Hill was almost a city unto itself. Here in the most impoverished area, crime and drugs ran rampant, with decrepit Old World buildings in various stages of decay encircling a large cemetery at the neighbourhood's centre. Aparo Park is located in the Hill skirting Gotham River, as was the Leslie N. Hill Public Housing Projects.
Following an incident on the Hill, GCPD Commissioner James Gordon became heavily criticised by the press for his inability to maintain law and order there. Batman also found it difficult to have any effect in the district, as the people (particularly Demitrius R. Korlee; an importer of African collectibles who was also the prime mover and shaker in the Hill's criminal world) did not believe that he existed in any meaningful way. Working separately, they were able to bring Korlee down, but could not help but feel as though they had still failed the Hill.
The Hill's cheap real estate became a hot commodity after the events of No Man's Land. It suddenly became very "Hip" to live there as gentrification seeped in. Following his introduction to the city, Batman had Orpheus (Gavin King) operate out of this area and become the next gang leader following the death of the previous. However, following the city-wide gang war, Orpheus' death and the Black Mask's rise to power as the city's new criminal kingpin, a subsection of the Secret Society of Super-villains began operating from The Hill.

Following the Flashpoint incident, the universe was reset and The Hill became Cherry Hill in the new reality of Earth Prime.


  • As part of his operation to shut down Demitrius R. Korlee, Batman disguised himself as a black police officer named "Merritt" in an attempt to socialize with the district's youth and influence them away from Korlee.
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