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Issue: Teen Titans #46
Subtitle: Titans East Part 4
Date: June 2007
Feature Characters: Jericho (Joseph Wilson), Raven, Miss Martian (M'gann M'orzz), Ravager (Rose Wilson), Wondergirl (Cassandra Sandsmark), Kid Devil (Edward Alan Bloomberg), Cyborg (Victor Stone), Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), Robin (Timothy Drake), Joker's Daughter (Deula Dent)
Supporting Characters: Nightwing (Richard Grayson), Flash (Bart Allen), Beast Boy (Garfield Logan), Donna Troy
Villains: Inertia, Match, Riddler's Daughter, Risk (Cody Driscoll), Sun Girl (Deborah Morgna), Kid Crusader, Deathstroke (Slade Wilson)
Guest Appearances:
Other Characters:

With the arrival of Nightwing, Donna Troy, Beastboy and Bart Allen the Teen Titans recover and do battle with the Titans East. Little upon little the Titans gain the advantage, defeating each of their nemisis through helping each other until only Deathstroke is left, however, as Batgirl attempts to kill Slade Nightwing knocks her down and renders her unconscious while Slade himself uses their sheer numbers against them which in the end enables him to escape. In the midst of the destruction of the Titans East Tower Batgirl and Inertia also disappear. In the end, it seems that having Jericho and Rose on the Teen Titans was what Deathstroke was after all along, and his actions helped to cement them there.

"I'm many things...a mercenary, a killer, a soldier... but I'm no father. I know for a fact now the Titans will take good care of my children. Though they'll never know it, I've given them a final gift of love, the one thing I could never provide them with myself...a real family."
— Deathstroke

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Cover Art:



TeenTitans 46

- Geoff Johns
- Adam Beechen

- Tony S. Daniel
- Al Barrionuevo

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- Black Canary 2/4

- New York
~ Titans East Tower
- Robin Uniform
- Batgirl Uniform
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