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Name: The Tally Man
Identity Status: Public
Aliases: N/A
Nationality: White American
Maritual Status: Single
Occupation: Underworld enforcer
Last Known Residence:
Born in an ailing family indebted to the Gotham underworld, the boy who would become the Tally Man eventually attacked and killed the debt collector. He was sentanced to a juvenile penitentriary. When he got out he had found that his sister had died of starvation due to the continued debts and his mother had committed suicide. Deranged, the boy would take to wearing a tax collector's robes and a blue, beaked mask; becoming a criminal collector the mobs who took lives, not money.
The Tally Man had totalled a collection of 66 kills before he was contracted to kill the Batman. His first encounter was with Batman (Jean Paul Valley), resulting in his capture, scarring and term in prison. On their second encounter, this time against Batman (Richard Grayson), the Tally Man would also end up captured and arrested.
When Gotham's No Man's Land began the convicts of Gotham were released. Tally Man eventually served as executioner for Two-Face, however after he attempted to kill Sarah Essen Gordon he was thought to have been killed by Two-Face. However, Tally Man would later appear as a participant in the Battle of Metropolis during the events of the Infinite Crisis.

Tally Man


First Appearance:
- Shadow of the Bat #19 (October, 1993)



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