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TacoWhiz is an American chain of fast food restaurants selling tacos and burritos. It's allegedly one of the biggest employers in the country.

Living Julia Kapatelis' basement, with no income and no home (as Themyscira had been shunted to a demon dimension by Circe, the Mayer Agency had gone bankrupt and the JLE had listed her as deceased), Diana of Themyscira had to find employment at a Boston Taco Whiz as the branch was the only place she could find employment with her lack of credentials and work experience.

Quickly becoming friends with her supervisor, Hoppy Greene, Diana attempted to tend to her job as a model employee, however, she is constantly torn from her tending her work shifts due to various instances in her super hero life.
Eventually, the store became a popular place to eat for her fellow Justice League International members as the populace did not bother them even when they arrived in "uniform".

Eventually, Diana's salary situation is resolved when her new friend, Donna Milton, threatens to sue Maxwell Lord unless he pays Diana her owed salary. Her financial issues solved, Diana left her brief employment in TacoWhiz.


  • TacoWhiz first appeared in Wonder Woman #73 (April, 1993).
  • TacoWhiz is a fictional parody of the real world fast food chain Taco Bell.
  • Hoppy found employment with TacoWhiz after losing her job at a factory.
  • With the wage she earned from TacoWhiz, Diana was able to rent a small office to serve as her room at the house of Camille Sly.
  • According to Diana's calculation, if she got a second job, maybe at night, and only ate two meals a day at TacoWhiz...and never bought anything. She'd be able to save almost two dollars a week.
  • While working at TacoWhiz, Diana also worked as support for the Private Investigator Micah Rains.
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