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Stephanie Brown (New Earth)

Stephanie appeared the New 52 in Batman #28 - Gotham Eternal, later appearing in the pages of Batman Eternal, where she struggles with the fact that her father is the villain, Cluemaster.

Stephanie thinks she can trust her mother, but she is secretly on Cluemaster's side, leading to him attempting to have her killed numerous times after she find out his identity and plans. Stephanie posts articles online about her father's plans, which initially, no one cares about due to the gang war going on in Gotham at the time.

After that, Stephanie became a permanent member of the Batman family and, among other things, helped to avert the crisis surrounding Mother and her organization from child assassins. Stephanie becomes a member of the Gotham Kngiths and becomes the girlfriend of Tim Drake aka Red Robin and best friend of Cassandra Cain. After the dissolution of the Knights during the Joker War, Stephanie and Cassandra both became Batgirls.