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Stately West Manor

Owner: Wally West/Linda Park
Location: Keystone City
Designation: Private Residence
Affiliation: Private/Flash
First Appeared In:
- The Flash #92

After being given a small fortune that was donated to "The Flash" as part of the Last Will and Testament of the supervillain Icicle (Joar Mahkent), Wally was advised by his accountant to invest in a house and so bought a residence on the outskirts of Keystone City. However, after this residence and the surrounding neighbourhood was destroyed during a confrontation between Wally, the Darkstars and the remnants of the Combine, Wally opted to co-own a new residence with his girlfriend; Linda Park.

Located in the outskirts of Keystone's West Key residential district, the residence is a three floor manor of colonial design. While Linda like the "old fashioned" look, Wally preferred a more modern design style and so, while the house's exterior design was kept, the house's interior was remodelled with modern aesthetics.

As the couple were on the cusp of moving into the new house, Iris Allen arrived to implore Wally to help her grandson, Bart Allen, with his powers before they rapidly aged him to death. At the same time, Linda had come under the attention of Kobra and, while Wally was pursuing Bart, the house and its residents came under attack by Kobra assassins until they managed to steal Linda's investigative work.

Following Wally's fight against Savitar and his disappearance into the future, Jonathan Fox (amateur Flash from the 27th century) appeared in his place and stayed at the residence with Linda, developing an infatuation with her that risked Wally's return.
Upon Wally's return, Jonathan returned to the future.

After Mayor Kingsley had the Flash banned from operating within Keystone City, Wally commuted from West Key to Santa Marta, California, until the return of the Rogues forced the city to lift the restraining order that prevented Wally's return.
Following Linda's death at the hands of the Black Flash, Wally attempted to sell the place and move to Scotland but remained after a final confrontation with the entity enabled him to enter the Speed Force and bring Linda back.

The house was ultimately destroyed when Cicada (David Hersch) attempted to kill Linda Park-West as part of an attempt to kill everyone associated with Wally West.



  • The residential address is 9243 West.
  • Following the "Darkstars incident", every neighbourhood alliance in Keystone signed a petition to keep Wally West away. Forcing him to buy a residence outside of the city.
  • The manor was destroyed by Cicada in Flash #172 (May, 2001).
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