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St. Hadrian's Finishing School for Girls

The St. Hadrian's Finishing School for Girls is an all-girls finishing school located near Bowmarket, Suffolk, in England. As a Finishing School, St. Hadrian's focuses on teaching classes on deportment, etiquette, social graces and upper class cultural rites in preparation for entry into society.

While publicly a school for privileged girls, the school was secretly operating as an academy to train and supply "spy girls" for international clientele; with their academia including lessons in lethal weaponry, assassination skills and the like. Having secured the biggest contract they had ever had with the international terrorism group known as "Leviathan", the school came under the attention of Batman and its operations were thought to have been promptly shut down.
However, the school was revealed to be actually part of the international spy agency SPYRAL; whose facilities lay underneath the campus, and the school continued operations after the destruction of Leviathan.
Concerned over the agency's interest in discovering the identities of the hero community, Richard Grayson willingly joins SPYRAL to act as a double-agent for Batman; working under and later ousting the agency's director "Mr Minos".


  • While the school is run and overseen by the SYPRAL leader, "Agent 0", in the shadows, Miss Hexley serves as the school's headmistress and public face.
  • Agents and technicians of SPYRAL sometimes serve as faculty for the school to serve as cover stories to explain their presence there. Such as Agent 37 (Richard Grayson) serving as the school's gymnastics teacher and "Matron" (Helena Bertinelli) serving as the school's archery instructor and head of boarding facilities.
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