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Spoiler Uniform

Created by Stephanie Brown to chase after her father, the Cluemaster, and “spoil” his crimes by giving away the answers to his clues, the Spoiler uniform is a colour combination of black and eggplant purple, heavy and practical clothing for Stephanie to protect herself, her identity and to provide her with a sense of security while also using various equipment either obtained by herself or taken from her father’s arsenal.

Spoiler-suit (Stephanie Brown) vr1

The original uniform consisted of a purple/egg plant cloak and hood, full-body tights with a black full-face mask, designer knee-high boots, gloves, and leather sash/shoulder guard, belt and briefs. Her equipment was stored in various pouches attached to the belt or in a leg band wrapped around her left thigh.
Eventually the suit would go through some changes, specifically with the leather belt and sash, with the large shoulder sash becoming smaller. Sometimes the belt would feature various utility pouches and equipment, sometimes it would not.
The mask had variations, sometimes accommodating a hole in the back to allow for a ponytail. The eye lenses, of which there were varying sizes, were eventually given Starlite nightvision and infrared lenses later after becoming affiliated with the Bat Family, as well as an encrypted radio communication link.
Other updations included reinforcing the suit with Kevlar. This suit was eventually retired after Stephanie was “killed due to injuries sustained in the field” at the end of Gotham’s Gang War.

Spoiler-suit (Stephanie Brown) vr2

The second Spoiler uniform, given to Stephanie by the Penguin, is largely the same as the first except for a thicker purple bodysuit and a built-in invisibility device; enabling her to become invisible for set periods of time.


  • Due to the layering of the uniform Robin (Timothy Drake) couldn't tell Spoiler was a girl until he unmasked her.
  • Other uniforms worn by Stephanie posses various attributes that call back to the Spoiler Uniform. Most notably they either posses one or two utility leg-bands (see Robin Uniform), posses the same boots as the Spoiler Uniform or posses a colour scheme similarity; most particularly eggplant purple (see Batgirl Uniform).
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