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Spirit World

Designation: Spirit Realm
Affiliation: The Jade Court
First Appearance:
- The Spirit World #1 (July, 2023)

The Spirit World is one of many ephemeral realms associated with the afterlife; with this realm seemingly being tied into Asian culture. Whenever a sentient organism dies, their soul pass through the Spirit World into the afterlife, as such, the realm is inhabited by displaced souls whom, for one reason or another, are restricted from either being re-incarnated into the corporeal world or passing on to their "final reward".

Spirits who reside within the Spirit World run the risk of eventually being forgotten by their living relatives and in doing so they will start forgetting who they are. When a spirit forgets who they are, they lose themselves and eventually erode into nothingness. It is the fate of all spirits who cannot attain reincarnation.

The lower levels of the Spirit World is known as the "Underbelly" of the city where the Forgotten Spirits dwell; spirits that have been forgotten by the people in the real world that they have forgotten who they are. A Nine-tailed-Fox spirit known as Shen (aka the Divine Fox; the Soul Devourer) resides within the Underbelly of the city acting as an information broker.

The Spirit World is ruled over by the Jade Court; a collection of eight ascended spirits who reside within the Jade Tower that dominates the cityscape. While ancient, knowledgeable and powerful, they are also arrogant, sadistic and cruel. Whose eternal life and power has led to persistant boredom that they seek to sate through unique gifts and experiences. While initially instated to oversee the process of reincarnation for the residents residing within the Spirit World, they have since grown corrupt with their power; demanding sacrifices and gifts from the residents (who they refer to as "supplicants") as payment for reincarnation.
Disgusted with the Jade Court's corruption, one of the court's members, the Verdant Sorceress, tried to reincarnate a soul on her own but failed; losing a large portion of her power in the process and rendering the soul part-alive/part-dead (Xanthe Zhou). Able to walk in between both worlds, Xanthe began living with the depowered Verdant Sorceress, who now called herself "Po Po", and took to being an envoy between the living and dead; ignoring the Jade Court's self-proclaimed governance on such matters.

When the Chinese poet, Wan Yujing, sought to gain enough power through absorbing other souls to challenge the Jade Court and gain reincarnation before she deteriorated into nothingness, she attempted to absorb Cassandra Cain, who had recently died while fighting her mother during the Infinite Crisis incident, but Cassandra escaped her clutches when she was resurrected via a Lazarus Pit and promptly forgot the ordeal.
Some years later, Cassandra was dragged into the Spirit World while fighting a twisted mass of tortured souls known as a "Collective" during the Lazarus Planet incident. John Constantine and Xanthe enter the Spirit World to search for her as she finds shelter with Po Po and another of Xanthe's friends called Bowen. While seeking a way to leave the Spirit World, Cassandra, Constantine and Xanthe became involved with Yujing's scheme to challenge the Jade Court; resulting in Xanthe purifying and befriending Yujing and becoming a member of the Jade Court to satisfy both parties.


  • The Spirit World is dangerous for living beings as everything there is drawn to their life force. To the dead spirits, the smell of the living is intoxicating, irresistible, and they desire to consume it.
  • Occupants in the Spirit World gain possessions via offerings from the living; sent to them during burning rites conducted in their name. The only way to get things such as food, clothes, furniture, is if a living person burns a paper offering for you and it will manifest in the Spirit World as a real item. The real world burns so much money that it was become worthless in the Spirit World due to its abundance.
  • As a way to dampen her Living Aura, Po Po had Cassandra drink a tea to conceal it and gave her clothing made from cloth that had manifested in the Spirit World to further cover her life force; as her usual clothes "reeked of life".
  • In the corporeal world, magic users, low-level psychics and mediums can communicate with those souls that reside within the Spirit World, oftentimes, providing them with the means for escaping.
  • The displaced spirit known as Deadman can freely traverse the spirit world, but usually prefers taking residence within the body of a living human being.
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