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The Soultaker is a mystically enhanced Japanese katana, capable of stealing and entrapping the souls of those it slain. These spirits can engage in limited communication with the sword’s wielder.

Forged in the 14th century by legendary swordsmith Muramasa, whose swords were famous for being cursed and bloodhungry, the mystical land inside the blade, where the souls are consigned, is named Fukamaden and is believed to be an abode of demons.
An entrapped soul can be granted a return to life if they can pass a series of trials against the blade’s other occupants. Additionally the souls can be resurrected through a ceremony to serve as slaves to the conjurer.

By the time of the Infinite Crisis incident the Soultaker had gone dormant; whether or not it was due to the disruption of the Realms of Magic caused by the Spectre's rampage or by her lack of activity in recent times is unclear but the sword returned to form when Katana rejoined the Outsiders to fight during the incident.


  • Katana's first uniform had a magnetic plate on her back which she used to attach the Soultaker to.
  • Amongst the imprisoned souls within the blade are Shuriken, Nanchaku, Blowdart, Anthor Stoneaxe, Maseo Yamashiro, Takeo Yamashiro, the demon lord Sabbac and an Aurakle.
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