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Soder Cola


Soder Cola is a popular cola drink franchise known for their eternal rivalry with Zesti Cola.

One of the first factories to produce Soder Cola was in Viceroy, South Carolina.

Booster Gold has gained and lost promotions for Soder Cola on a number of occasions. For a time, Booster wore a Soder-Cola advertisement on the left shoulder of his Mark IB power-suit and was among the companies which advertised on Booster Gold's coffin.


  • The company's slogan is: "Sometimes even super-heroes get thirsty."
  • Soder Cola is presumably the DC comics rendition of the soda franchise Coke Cola.
  • The Soder name originally came about from a typo of Lois Lane wanting a diet soder.
  • Booster Gold frequently endorses Soder Cola.
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