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Location: Kansas, United States of America


Adjacent to the town of Granville, Smallville, located in Kansas, America, is an idyllic, small isolated American town and agricultural community. With its residents being generally very friendly, With an atmosphere resembling the settings of the paintings of Norman Rockwell, Smallville's economy mostly consists of various locally owned businesses, along with various farms surrounding the town, including the Kent Family Farm.

Smallville possesses only one high school, called Smallville High School, where most of its youth attend. In terms of media, Smallville has had several newspapers over the years, including the Smallville Sentinel and Smallville Times-Reader. Smallville receives its television and radio broadcasts from a larger nearby city.

Dubbed "America's Weirdest Town" by a national news magazine, due to how strange, unexplainable things were always taking place in the quiet hamlet, Smallville was soon called "The Meteor Capital Of The World!" with bizarre occurrences becoming increasingly common in the community after a series of meteor showers occured over the location.



  • Smallville was previously known as the "Creamed Corn Capital of the World".
  • It is in Miller's Field, a field near Smallville, that the rocket carrying the baby Kal-el crash landed. Kal-el would later grow under the care of Martha and Johnathan Kent and become known to the public as the superhero, Superman.
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