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Name: Sir Edmund Dorrance (Deceased)
Identity Status: Public
Aliases: King Snake
Nationality: English
Maritual Status: Single
Occupation: Crime Lord
Last Known Residence:

A mercenary originally trained in the English Royal Artillery Edmund Dorrance, after being blinded during a firefight in Santa Prisca, formed a narcotics organization in Hong Kong known as the Ghost Dragons. Known as King Snake he would eventually fall in a constant battle with the third Robin, Timothy Drake. During one such struggle Dorrance fell from a window, breaking his back.
Due to this he moved his base to Gotham City after healing, taking over Chinatown from the Lucky Hand Triad, to better fight Robin. However Lynx, a sub lieutenant of the Ghost Dragons, staged a coup soon after, forcing Dorrance to ally with the Kobra organization. This lead to him taking over control of the cult during a power struggle however another fight with Robin brought saw the cult decimated.
Years later Dorrance was found in the remains of the cult headquarters by Bane, his son from a lover in Santa Prisca. After a brief battle and attempted coup with a renewed Kobra cult Dorrance was knocked into a crevice and presumed dead.

King Snake ( Sir Edmund Dorrance)


First Appearance:
- Robin #1



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