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Sherwood Florist

Owner: Dinah Lance
Designation: Florist Shop/Headquarters
Affiliation: Black Canary
First Appearance:
Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters #1 (August, 1987)

Sherwood Florist is the name of two florist shops owned and run by Dinah Lance (aka Black Canary). These shops were influenced by Dinah's childhood where she spent time helping run her mother's florist shop in Gotham City.

When Oliver Queen and Dinah quit the Justice League and moved from Star City to Seattle, they renovated a house that possessed a stone and mortar castle tower to serve as an apartment complex and florist shop.
Naming the shop "Sherwood Florist", after Oliver's Robin Hood influence, the church's ground floor served as the shop itself, while the second floor was Dinah's living space, and the third floor was Oliver's. The building served as the base of operations for both Black Canary and Green Arrow for the duration of their residence in Seattle. Which ended after Dinah witnessed Oliver kissing the shop assistant.

Some time later, Oracle gave Dinah, who was now in working in the Birds of Prey in Gotham City, an empty business lot that she converted into a florist and dubbed "Sherwood Florist II" shortly before the Clock Tower's destruction. Hiring Rhosyn "Rose" Forrest (aka Thorn) as a store assistant, following Dinah's relocation to Star City and the Birds of Prey's relocation to Platinum Flats, it is unknown if this shop is still in operation.


  • Sherwood Florist II first appeared in Birds of Prey #68 (August, 2004)
  • Colin was a teenager that worked as an assistant at the Sherwood Florist in Seattle, however, he was later exposed as a member of the Warhogs street gang who, under the orders of sub-boss Kebo, attacked and, in some cases, murdered homosexual men.
  • Marianne was also an assistant and driver for the Sherwood Florist in Seattle after being saved by Green Arrow. Having fallen in love with the hero, Marianne stole a kiss from Queen one New Year's Eve and confessed her love only for the moment to be witnessed by Dinah.
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