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Owner: Zatanna Zatara
Designation: Residence
Affiliation: Zatara Family
First Appearance:

The family mansion and ancestral home of the Zatara family, the Shadowcrest is a multi-story mansion located in the Bristol township of Gotham County.
A place of magic, the mansion’s layout is actually bigger on the inside than the outside due to an internal dimensional paradox. Its many rooms and halls contain numerous magical items, ancient texts and artefacts collected over the years by the Zataras. Zatanna frequently refers to these texts for information and magic lore.

Mystical wards protect the mansion from unwanted trespassers, and other incantations are used to render it invisible to those untrained in the mystic arts. The Shadowcrest also features a voice recognition security system; a complex spell that serves as a "magic word" for gaining access to the front foyer.


  • Zatanna's House in San Francisco has a mirror that acts as a doorway into Shadowcrest.
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