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Selina Kyle's East End Safehouse

Selina Kyle's East End Safehouse is a safe house originally used by Selina Kyle and her friends in the East End district as a place of refuge during her time as a prostitute.

As her career as Catwoman began, Selina left the district but returned some years later as part of a new start following a crisis of self-identity set on by Scarecrow's Fear Gas and a stint in the Cinque Foundation Rehabilitation Center.

Setting up her new residence, Selina was soon joined by Holly Robinson who used to live with Selina in their old Park Row apartment until she relocated to live with her girlfriend, Karon, in Alleytown to lead the Alleytown Kids.

Following the Infinite Crisis incident, Selina quit operating as "Catwoman" after discovering that she was pregnant. As the safe house had no longer become safe, Selina left to live in the Gotham Arms Apartments in the Downtown district while Holly continued living in the safehouse as the new Catwoman until she was forced to go on the run as Selina was forced to return to being Catwoman.


  • Selina kept her costume in a hidden compartment behind her wardrobe.
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