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Satellite Batcaves

Learning a lesson from his first encounter with Bane, who had managed to beat him by wearing him down and cornering him in the Batcave, Bruce Wayne took time off after recovering from his injuries to set up precautionary measures against another such disaster.
One such measure was the creation of numerous "satellite caves"; a network of bolt-holes and command posts set up in secret throughout Gotham where he could go to at a moment's notice to rest and restock or to serve as an alternative location to retire to should the primary cave become unavailable.

These caves came in handy during Gotham's No Man's Land when the primary cave under Wayne Manor had been decimated by the Cataclysm earthquake.

Batcave South
  • Batcave South: The boiler room of a derelict shipping yard on the docks across from Paris Island. This safehouse is accessible through a number of false manholes planted throughout the streets of Old Gotham.
Batcave Central
  • Batcave Central: Located fifty-feet below the bottom of the Robinson Park Reservoir, it is accessible through a secret entrance at the foot of one of the Twelve Caesars statues at the north of the park. This safehouse was put out of commission by Poison Ivy.
Batcave East
  • Batcave East: This safehouse is located in the sub-basement of Arkham Asylum. Batman secretly stocked it with emergency rations, all-terrain vehicles, and battery-powered communication equipment.
Batcave South-Central
  • Batcave South-Central: Located in the prototype subway station under Old Gotham, a four-block stretch of track sealed in 1896 and forgotten. Accessed via the Union Station platform the entire station, including train carriages, has been retrofitted.
Batcave Northwest
  • Batcave North-West: An abandoned oil refinery owned by Wayne Enterprises. It fell out of use during a gasoline crisis when the company moved all its holdings offshore.
  • Unspecified Satellite Cave: Batman retreats to this safehouse, located in a train tunnel near the Gotham Freight Yards, during the time "Bruce Wayne" was being accused of murdering Vesper Fairchild.
  • Unspecified Satellite Cave: Batman takes Huntress to recover at this safehouse after she becomes targeted by Checkmate. Checkmate invades this safehouse thinking that it was the Batcave.


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