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Sandra Wu-San (Earth Prime)

Sandra Wu-San is a master martial artist and assassin who travels the globe as "Lady Shiva" in search of other martial art masters from which to learn from and fight in duels to the death.

Ranking amongst the best combatants in the world, Lady Shiva is one of the most feared fighters on Earth due to her level of skill, her reputation as a killer of martial art practitioners and her tendency to do as her whim fancies.

While not necessarily an assassin, Shiva is affiliated with Ra's al Ghul's League of Assassins and sells her services as a mercenary when she is not pursuing her own interests.

Name: Sandra Wu-San
Aliases: Lady Shiva
Species: Human
Nationality: Asian American
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Assassin

- League of Assassins
- League of Shadows

Last Known Residence:


A childhood filled with trauma - much of which remains a mystery - drove Sandra Wu-San to strike back at those who had wronged her. She trained hard to become an exceptional martial artist and, later, an assassin for hire. Wu-San joined the League of Assassins and became known as Lady Shiva, after the Hindu god of destruction.

She fought Richard Grayson the first time he went into the field as Robin to save Batman, although defeatingthe boy easily she let him live and advised him to get out of Batman's shadow and forge his own identity. Several year later, she battled Nightwing and realised that Grayson had taken her advice.
As a trainer for the League of Assassins, she taught Red Hood (Jason Todd), Bronze Tiger and others, and allied with the League to fight off an Untitled infiltration of their hidden base.

When Ra's al Ghul gave her command of the League of Shadows; his most clandestine assassin group, Sandra played into the group's fanaticism to give them more purpose and drive in their missions than even Ra's could imagine. However, after she learned that Ra's intended to use the Shadows only as a means to quell humanity's excessive nature she rebelled and took control of the League of Shadows to serve her own ends.
Apposed by The Colony and Ra's League of Assassins, Sandra brought the League of Shadows to Gotham City to both check on her daughter's abilities and to destroy the city.


  • Sandra first appeared in Nightwing #0 (November 2012)
  • She is often thought to have red hair because the hood of her assassin garb features a long red braid interwoven with blades, but this is a misdirection, used to help her keep her true identity a secret.
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