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Robin Uniform (Prime Earth)
The original Robin-suit was designed to honour the past of the first Robin (Richard Grayson), adopting the design and colour scheme of a circus troop’s acrobat uniform. The traditional red and yellow colour scheme also served to reflect the traditional personality and role of Robin; that of an optimistic beacon of light, to balance out the darkness that Batman represented.

Robin-suit (Richard Grayson)

The original Robin-suit’s design was based on Grayson’s acrobat uniform in the circus; a red and green leotard and gloves and a yellow cape. A green domino mask conceals his identity while a yellow “R” symbol is placed over the left breast.

Robin-suit (Jason Todd)
Robin-suit (Helena Wayne)
Robin-suit (Damian Wayne)

Following Bruce Wayne’s “death” during the Final Crisis, Richard Grayson restructured the Bat Family, with himself as the new Batman and choosing Damien Wayne as his new Robin.
Damien’s official suit combined a red tunic and black leggings, green gloves and boots with a hooded black and yellow cape and green domino mask. The “R” symbol still appears across the left breast.




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