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Robin Uniform (New Earth)
The original Robin-suit was designed to honour the past of the first Robin (Richard Grayson), adopting the design and colour scheme of a circus troop’s acrobat uniform. The traditional red and yellow colour scheme also served to reflect the traditional personality and role of Robin; that of an optimistic beacon of light, to balance out the darkness that Batman represented.

Robin-suit (Richard Grayson) vr 1

The original Robin-suit’s design was based on Grayson’s acrobat uniform in the circus; a red vest with green sleeves, green briefs that exposed the legs, green “pixie” boots and gloves and a yellow cape. A green domino mask conceals his identity while a belt is adorned around the waist and a yellow “R” symbol is placed over the left breast.
This suit design would be passed on to Jason Todd after Richard quit the role as Robin.

Robin-suit (Richard Grayson) vr 2

Following his induction into college and his moving away from the manor, the relationship between Batman and Robin became strained as the former could no longer rely on the latter to always be by his side as his lieutenant thanks to Grayson's stacking commitments to college and the Teen Titans.
In spite of this, Alfred Pennyworth was still hopeful that the dynamic duo would continue and designed a new Robin uniform for Grayson to wear. On the day of its unvailing, however, Batman fired Grayson from the mantle of Robin due to his "unreliability" and the uniform was never worn.

Robin-suit (Timothy Drake) vr 1

Following the death of Jason Todd, Timothy Drake’s Robin-suit was designed to be different from that of his predecessors in order to give him a measure of increased protection. It included a specially armoured red tunic with green short sleeves, a cape that is black on the outside and yellow on the inside, full green leggings, black jika-tabi boots and green gloves. Other details include a steel gorget as part of the tunic, an emergency "R" shuriken on his chest in addition to the traditional batarangs, and a collapsible bo staff as his primary weapon.

Robin-suit (Stephanie Brown)

When Timothy Drake was forced to retire from Robin by his father, Stephanie Brown volunteered to take the mantle; sneaking into the Batcave wearing a home-made Robin-themed costume.
Taken up on her offer, her official suit was based primarily upon Drake's costume design with the main variants being a short skirt extended from the tunic and a headband to hold back Brown's hair.

Robin IV 3
Robin-suit (Jason Todd)

After his death and rebirth, Todd temporarily donned a replica of the Robin suit he wore under Batman, with the addition of yellow tights to cover his legs, while infiltrating Titans Tower III to confront his successor, Timothy Drake.

Robin-suit (Timothy Drake) vr 2

Following the Infinite Crisis, Drake changed his costume to a black and red colour scheme in homage to his fallen friend, Superboy (Kon-el). Further updates included longer sleeves and removal of the tunic in addition to the elimination of the green colour scheme from the costume. It also saw the addition of scallops to his gloves and cape and a larger utility belt. Though retaining his "R" shuriken, he now carries them in his numerous quantities in his belt as opposed to having a single one on his tunic.

Robin-suit (Damien Wayne) vr 1

Forcing his way into his father’s world, Damien Wayne stole the Robin tunic in the Jason Todd memorial case and wore it over his black and white League of Assassins suit. Completing the guise with a hooded cloak and katana, Damien proceeded to beat down the current Robin (Timothy Drake) and started executing small-time criminals in Gotham before his father, Batman (Bruce Wayne), managed to apprehend him.
Following the Final Crisis, Damien returned to the Bat Family and continued to wear this uniform until Richard Grayson created a new "official" suit for him to wear.

Robin-suit (Damien Wayne) vr 2

Following Bruce Wayne’s “death” during the Final Crisis, Richard Grayson restructured the Bat Family, with himself as the new Batman and choosing Damien Wayne as his new Robin.
Damien’s official suit combined a red tunic and black leggings, green gloves and boots with a hooded black and yellow cape and green domino mask. The “R” symbol still appears across the left breast.




  • Richard Grayson's Robin suit stood on display in the Batcave largely as a testament to Grayson's time as Robin; however, to Batman's succeeding sidekicks, the uniform stands as a reminder to the standards to which they must aspire.
  • During a brief period where he suffered damaging burns to his head, Timothy Drake temporarily wore the Red Robin hood and cape to cover his injury.
  • An armoured version of Stephanie Brown’s Robin suit includes larger pouches for extra equipment, reinforced torso armour and a larger gorget/collar that reaches to cover the base of the skull and jaw. The aluminium fibreglass weave is included for protection against knives and other such implements although a side-effect of this weave is that it causes itching.
  • Following her “death” after the War Games event, fans of Stephanie Brown argued that Stephanie’s Robin suit should be displayed in the Batcave in a similar fashion as Jason Todd’s. This outcry was quelled when her death was rewritten and Stephanie returned as the Spoiler.
  • The Robin-suit (Richard Grayson) vr 2 originally appeared as the uniform of an older Richard Grayson on Earth-2 before the Crisis of Infinite Earths destroyed the Multiverse.
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