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Issue: Robin #98
Subtitle: The Thin Line
Date: March 2002
Feature Characters: Robin (Timothy Drake)
Supporting Characters: Alfred Pennyworth, Spoiler (Stephanie Brown)
Guest Appearances: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)
Other Characters: Buzz Cohen, Kip Kettering, Wesley Thomas, Jack Drake, Dana Winters, Whit Baker

Alfred leaves Tim in order to be in Gotham City to support Bruce Wayne. Other than that, things are going very well for him at Brentwood, his friends are acting in a more normal fashion for one thing, and his grades are getting better. However, he doesn't know that back in Gotham, his father is being given some very bad news about his financial situation, and Batgirl and Spoiler find themselves unable to get in to the Batcave. Also, some gangsters suddenly turn up at Brentwood and kidnap Kit Kettering. When Tim pursues, he is fired at and knocked off his skateboard.

"The condition you describe is called adolescence. It is not terminal"
— Alfred Pennyworth

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Cover Art:


- Bruce Wayne: Murderer? Part Six

Robin 98

- Chuck Dixon

- Pete Woods

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- Batgirl #22
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- Batgirl #24
- Robin #98
- Guide to the DC Universe 2001-2002 Secret Files and Origins
- Batgirl #25
- Batman #600

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