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Issue: Robin #161
Subtitle: Little White Lies
Date: June 2007
Feature Characters: Timothy Drake
Supporting Characters: Alex, Killa Nilla,
Villains: Dodge, Lloyd Waite, Cassandra Cain, Lords of the Avenues
Guest Appearances: Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Other Characters: Ike, Zoanne Wilkins, Theodore Wilkins

In an attempt to gain proof that the Lords of the Avenues gang was receiving the Pheno drug from Strader Pharmaceuticals Robin interferes in a drug transaction only to result in him fighting the meta-powered gang. Escaping only when the dealer winds up comatose during the fight he and Batman ponder over using Zoanne’s father as a why into Strader Pharmaceuticals. While initially hesitating due to his relationship with Zoanne, when she cuts of their relationship he has no qualms with using her father.
Inside Strader Pharmaceuticals Tim manages to attempt a hack of their system however he still doesn’t find enough evidence to incriminate the company for the Pheno drug. Meanwhile Dodge, the person responsible for rendering the dealer comatose, hands over the drugs to Cassandra Cain and an unknown partner who is planning to make an army.

"And that’s why he’s never held on to a girlfriend."
— Robin in reference to Batman

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Cover Art:



Robin 161

- Adam Beechen

- Freddie E. Williams II

Chronology:Full List
- Teen Titans #44
- Teen Titans #45
- Teen Titans #46
- Robin #161
- Robin #162
- Black Canary 2/4
- Countdown #36

- Gotham City

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