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Issue: Robin #150
Subtitle: Hard Answers
Date: July 2006
Feature Characters: Robin (Timothy Drake)
Supporting Characters: David Cain, Cassandra Cain, League of Assassins
Guest Appearances: Captain Boomarang (Owen Mercer)
Other Characters: Batman (Bruce Wayne), Zoanne, Killa Nilla

Following the orders on the ransom note Tim infiltrates Bloodgate prison and frees David Cain. However, apon arriving at the rendezvous point, Tim is attacked by the League of Assassins and it is revealed that the kidnapper of Cassandra Cain is none other then Cassandra Cain herself. Outnumbered Tim is offered to join her in the League to make the world a better place by killing criminals instead of instituionalising them and to prove his dedication he is ordered to kill David Cain.

"Get out in front as quickly as possible. With ordinary crooks, it's relatively simple to learn their plans before they implement them...but with the extreme ciminals, it's not always that easy. And with them, it's critical you get two steps ahead of them as soon as you figure out what they're doing. The longer you let them call the shots, the better your chances of winding up dead."
— Batman

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Cover Art:



Robin 150

- Adam Beechen

- Freddie E. Williams II
- Nathan Eyring

Chronology:Full List
- World War 3 #4
- Robin #148
- Robin #149
- Robin #150
- Robin #151
- Robin #152
- Batman #653

- Gotham City
~ Bloodgate Prison
- Blaisdell Oil Fields

- Robin Uniform
- Batgyro

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