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Issue: Robin #149
Subtitle: Assault On Precinct Nine
Date: June 2006
Feature Characters: Robin (Timothy Drake)
Supporting Characters: Lady Shiva
Villains: Cassandra Cain, Annalea
Guest Appearances:
Other Characters: Officer Danny Pembroke

In order to gather the evidence he needs Robin must break into Precinct Nine and steal from their evidence lockers. While almost getting caught he manages to escape with Batgirl's mask. Back in Wayne Manor he is visited by Lady Shiva who reveals to him the recent death of Nyssa Raatko. He then discovers a hidden slip in the mask, written in Navajo Code.

"Hello, Little Bird. Your are not so little anymore, I don't think. But still you need help. And again I provide it to you."
— Lady Shiva

Robin 149 1 - Robin 149 2 - Robin 149 3 - Robin 149 4

Cover Art:



Robin 149

- Adam Beechen

- Freddie E. Williams II

Chronology:Full List
- Birds of Prey #97
- Robin #148
- Birds of Prey #99
- Robin #149
- Robin #150
- Robin #151
- Robin #152

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