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Owner: Barbara Gordon
Designation: Ricochet
Affiliation: Team Batgirl
First Appearance: Batgirl #7 (2011)

Intended for use as an escape vehicle for Barbara Gordon, the Ricochet is a tri-wheeled motorized vehicle which positions the driver in a capsule-like compartment lying parallel to the ground. Entry into the vehicle is via a hatch in the vehicle's roof and a viewport at the front allows the driver to see. For alternative access, the forward viewport is also capable of sliding back to allow access from the front.
Possessing an automated computer, the vehicle is controlled by a handlebar system similar to a motorcycle, with the acceleration, throttle and breaks presumably accessed via the handlebars due to the vehicle's design intending to be operated by paraplegics.
Intended as an escape vehicle, the Ricochet's primary focus is speed and possesses no armaments.


  • The Ricochet seems to be inspired by the Tumbler/Bat Pod from the movie The Dark Knight (2008).
  • For emergency escape situations, the Ricochet is capable of converting into a canon-like construct; rotating the front wheels for stablization, raising the compartment capsule, retracting the front viewport and firing the vehicle's occupant into the air.
  • Intended for use by paraplegics, the Ricochet possess a collapsible wheelchair for its occupant's use.
  • The Ricochet possesses various field equipment, including a mobile scanner among other things.
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