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Reflections: A Collection of Essays and Speeches


Reflections: A Collection of Essays and Speeches is a novel written by Diana of Themyscira.
The book contains poems and essays reinforcing and illustrating her "world view" and the "message" she intends to deliver to the world. The book was considered very left-wing from a political point of view.

With edits from Superman and the cover illustration designed by Kyle Rayner, the book received both positive and negative feedback. In her bid to denounce Wonder Woman, Veronica Cale sought to fan the negative views of the book through various misquotes and frame ups to enhance Wonder Woman's views in a negative light.


  • When concepting the idea, Greg Rucka had detailed notes as to what the book contained, including some sample chapter titles and essay excerpts. All in presenting what kind of topics Diana would be addressing from her written voice. Rucka explained that his idea for the book was less Salman Rushdie, but a book of ideas than attacks in order for Diana to promote her mission in the Man’s World.
  • Aphrodite and Ares also read the book when it was released.
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