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Red Robin Uniform (New Earth)
The Red Robin mantle has historically served as a graduation from the Robin mantle, first appearing donned by Richard Grayson on Earth 22.
Red Robin-suit (Jason Todd)

While travelling the Multiverse alongside Donna Troy and Kyle Rayner, Jason Todd encountered the Batman of Earth 51 who bestowed upon him the mantle of Red Robin, which he had originally intended to give to the Jason Todd of his Earth before the Joker killed him.
Wearing the suit for the remainder of his adventure, Jason would eventually return to his Earth disillusioned and abandoned the mantle, throwing the costume in the trash.

Red Robin-suit (Ulysses Armstrong)

A long time villain of Timothy Drake, Ulysses Hadrian Armstrong (aka The General), is hired by Stephanie Brown, on instruction from Bruce Wayne, to hound Drake so that he could become a stronger hero. For this purpose, Armstrong obtained the Red Robin suit that Todd had discarded and embarked on a series of crimes until he was deterred by both Jason and Timothy.

Red Robin-suit (Timothy Drake) vr 1

After Bruce Wayne’s “death” during the Final Crisis, Richard Grayson opted to restructure the Bat Family, with himself as the new Batman and making Damien Wayne the new Robin.
Now without a mantle, Timothy Drake took on the mantle of Red Robin in his quest to discover Bruce Wayne’s true fate.
The uniform is comprised black leggings and boots, a red tunic similar to that of Dick Grayson's old Robin tunic, thought lacking the 'R' emblem. He wears a utility belt, again similar to the one wore by Dick Grayson while as Robin, only of a slightly larger size. He then has a chest harness, that is connected by the Red Robin symbol. Finally, he wears a black cowl and cape. Rather than use throwing stars or batarangs like before, Tim now uses Red Robin throwing disks. He does, however, continue to use his collapsible bow staff as his primary weapon.

Red Robin-suit (Timothy Drake) vr 2

After successfully finding proof that Bruce Wayne was alive and foiling a plan by Ra’s al Ghul to destroy Wayne’s legacy, Timothy Drake was given an updated version of the Red Robin uniform as part of his re-introduction to the Bat Family, this one possessing higher-grade technology and the ability to turn the cape into a paragliding apparatus.




  • During a brief period where he suffered damaging burns to his head, Timothy Drake temporarily wore the Red Robin hood and cape to cover his injury.
  • The first Red Robin to appear in comics was an adult Richard Grayson of Earth 22 in the Kingdom Come storyline.
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